What is Well-being for a young employee?

Happiness is a result of well-being, it affects people and many areas of society. Happiness requires good living situations (home, work). Being at peace, healthy, and happy is subjective. Aristotle described Eudaimonia as health, happiness, and prosperity. Personal wellbeing includes long-term goals, a sense of purpose, and self-control.


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As a person who is constantly critical of herself, the universe found a way to find an instrument that could guide me on how to properly handle and take care of my holistic well-being, and that's through the TH4 family. Our bosses (TH4 founders) always check upon us. They have a natural radar and gift to identify a team member's mood, depressive state, or low vibration.

We, as goal-oriented and career-driven people, are often overwhelmed by our surroundings and lose sight of our ultimate goal and what we genuinely seek in life.


How can a company help with an employee's well-being? 

This company (True Health 4ever & Play Black Wall Street) has done miracles not only for the clients but within the team itself throughout the last months of 2021 I found myself more inclined with holistic health and how I can enhance my vibration, attitudes towards life and internal healing. I began to love myself more this year. Each time I write a podcast show-notes, new doors open up for me. I get to learn a lot of things and I get to develop more as a person who is always in constant search of self-development for better well-being. Music is one of the things that helped me cope up with all the challenges I've been through. I incorporate music through my wellness regimen by either singing karaoke after a long day's work or a stressful day and listening to it whenever I’m reading books.  I'm blessed along with my other coworkers that the establishment we're working for promotes healing and believes in our creativity. Our founders are passionate about sharing and practicing these approaches inside our team.  

Allow the universe to do its magic and find the right people for you. May 2022 bring everyone healing, progress, and abundance. What I've learned about well-being is: no matter how hard it is, you need to start now. Start preparing now, write it down, do things you've always wanted to do, and jump even if it scares you. Only after that will you be able to commit to doing the tasks on your list.

What you believe will overcome what you see. 

Start today. Start Now! 

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