What is the iPhone 13 Dilemma & Evolution vs Change: TH4 EP77 Podcast

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  • Apple was the first to create colored monitor displays in computers.
  • Not all that is trending and in in the hype season is revolutionary or beneficial to your life. Ex and apple phone now a days has the same features as the usual ones you can buy at a more cost-effective rate.
  • You’re launch progress is different from your landing progress
  • change is to make someone or something different: alter or modify
  • change doesn’t automatically equate to being better it just means being different: you can either change for the best or change for the worst
  • evolution is a journey and a long-term commitment.
  • Little habits are bound to make a big difference in the long run
  • Be frugal and have an optimistic view of the world
  • Being anti apple or any other anti-gadget or unnecessary thing, you consider in your life or way of living is normal and its not something you should be shy about. You just do you. Just be who you genuinely are and radiate that energy and personality to everyone around you.

Key Moments

[00:07] Intro

[01:34] Anti Apple

[04:25] evolution of apple

[08:41] revolutionary evolutionary part of the iPhone 13

[9:00] Revolution and evolution: doing something different

[10:39] why are we talking about iPhone and apple?

[11:00] Are you holding back?

[11:41] The Inevitable

[12:47] The rocket analogy: DeVon gives us a creative yet practical nugget of wisdom about progress and launching into success.

[13:20] Definitions

[13:48] Definition of Change

[15:22] Definition of Evolution

[16:00] True Health 4ver Vision: why we want you to share the same vision as ours  

[16:08] Darwinism

[18:10] The Four Steps

[18:36] Your Pathway to Evolution

[24:43] Sinclair’s Motivation

[35:08] Our Couple walk us through all the other step whilst sharing their personal experiences and insights on how we can all do better holistically.

[45:00] Are you doing what you need to do?

[48:00] Recap

[52:40] Outro

    Top questions: What you need to ask yourself

    • “Have you held back yourself from evolving because you're afraid of losing people around you?” – De'Von
    • “Is what you're doing really getting you to where you want to go?”



    • Focus on self-evolution and don’t be afraid to lose people along the way
    • Each process results to different circle: Don’t be afraid of the inevitable losing communication or certain circles of people is a natural stage which e all will undergo in order to create a space and room for growth, development and lift off (like a rocket you’ll launch and land where you’re supposed to be at”)
    • You can’t make a difference not until you decide to change. Be the change!
    • Here at TH4 we’re about the health journey your personal true health journey it's not about trying to lose 50 pounds overnight it's not about trying to gain heck of muscle overnight it's about what are the small habits what are the small behavioral changes that I can do every single day every single week so that in 20 years from now 30 years from now I can still play with my grandkids and 10 years from now I can run a half marathon. Invest in your day-by-day progress that can make a sustainable and foreseeable change in the long run.
    • Your Path to Evolution: TH4 Tips
    • Assess Your Personal Brand- figure out where are you what is my current situation. Incorporate your personality with your brand.
    • Evaluate Behavior and Brand Impact- Evaluate if you’re making a difference and if you need additional tools to help you educate or create evolutionary change.
    • Define your motivation or dream:



    “I’m not necessarily the hugest fan I’ve literally never bought anything apple in my life I’m that annoying person yes” – DeVon


    “Revolutionize every step of the way” – DeVon


    “What revolutionary evolutionary thing is a part of the iPhone 13?” – DeVon


    “Really question is why is that happening why is the number one computer company arguably the number one smartphone company arguably how come they are not continuing to push the paradigm and continuing to evolve what smartphones do in this industry” – DeVon


    “Increase sales by Innovation & Revolution” – DeVon


    “Doing something different requires change which people are generally resistant to” – Sinclair


    “If you go on a like an evolutionary transformation your circle is going to look different” – Sinclair


    “a rocket doesn't take off the same way that it lands” – DeVon


    “You are the sum of the people around you” – Sinclair


    “Sometimes i feel like some things can be too complex and it's better is making it more simple” – Sinclair


    “My motivation my dream is to be the number one black health coach in the U.S”


    “Is what you're doing really getting you to where you want to go?” – DeVon



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