Wealthy Habits Live True Health 4ever Podcast Ep. 85

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Top Takeaways

  • Being wealthy has its perks
  • You need to work hard in order to become financially well off and get the chance to enjoy the benefits that come with it.
  • Dedication, the right discipline and habits towards your goals will lead you to wealth.
  • wealth is not just about money and possessions there is also holistic wealth and I think that is the most important thing.
  • Slow and Steady is the fastest way to go. Make sure you plan and analyze you habits and how you may achieve your goals in becoming holistically wealthy.
  • Wealth doesn’t just mean money.
  • Ask yourself if you could be wealthy with any possession what would you want to be wealthy with right if obviously money if money is your thing cool but it says valuable possession so what would you want to possess that makes you wealthy
  • habit is a settled or regular tendency or practice a settled regular tendency or practice especially one that is hard to give up.
  • It's positive or negative right there's obviously bad habits and there's good habits having the audacity to ask the cut in line neutral I don't know if that's good or bad oh but you know waking up at a certain time doing exercise every day or every other day what you choose to put in your body like all those are practices that you're sometimes on a subconscious basis like sometimes what we choose to eat what we when we choose to wake up like we're not making that conscious decision it's kind.
  • set your intentions – wealthy people do things on purpose. it's not just things are just happening it's like: no this is the plan and I’m going to manifest I’m going to plan now I’m going to be strategic about these steps so I can accomplish this outcome.
  • Have a measurable annual or monthly goal for yourself and for the team. These should be in separate lists. Don’t ever try to include something that is not on the list otherwise the plan will be all over the place.
  • The “circadian rhythms” is basically like our body's alarm clock um and it has to do with external cues external and internal. studies show that the best time according to circadian rhythms for folks to get sleep is from 10 P.M TO 2 A.M. Deep sleep is very important again for that restoration
  • Be mindful of all the habits you’re doing.



Key Moments

00:2 Intro
02:02 Sacramento Story- DeVon Share
04:08 Quality of Life for The Wealthy
04:43 Consistent basis in order to live a wealthy
05:08 Are you ready for some podcasts – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd Sings
05:50 Two quick definitions
06:00 what is wealth for you?
07:31 If you could be wealthy
09:04 What would you choose to be healthy in?
10:16 Definition of habits
11:16 Wealthy habits
11:22 Setting your intentions
14:02 Annual Goal
15:25 Tips and tricks
19:10 slow and steady progress
20:22 Sinclair Theee Health Nerd gives Automation Tips
22:45 The Importance Of Sleep
24:47 The circadian rhythms
25:54 Quality not quantity yeah
26:36 Sleep Tips
33:30 Atomic Habits in General
36:29 Physical & Mental Mindfulness: Tips and tricks to achieve mindfulness
40:56 Recap of the episode’s discussions.
49:29 Outro

Tips For You

  • Everyday write down one tangible goal that’s going to help you get to that long-term vision or goal that you set for yourself.
  • Use your lunch break if you're working a nine to five to learn something. Ex. Watch videos, read a book or do anything that can help you gain more knowledge whilst eating.
  • Set Your Business Hours and Most Importantly Clock In: Again, when you're working a nine to five you have your hours usually which you talk about eight to five don't unless called nine to five. Typically, eight to five or whatever the hours are and you know that you have to be working during that time but when you are trying to accomplish any goal outside of that you don't have set hours to do so um so you need to set them for yourself okay, I’m going to do this accomplish this goal from this time to this time today or you know Monday through Friday this is when I’m going to work on this goal whether it's going back to school whether it’s working on a certification etc. Set your hours something that's realistic something you can commit to and go ahead and clock in.
  • Use a notebook or planner to write down your annual monthly weekly and daily goals. write them down i know we love our phones we love our laptops our iPad, we love all those digital things but literally writing stuff down there's something about the psychology of having the piece of paper having that stagnant there looking at it that helps keep you accountable so use your tools use the paper, pen, pencil, mechanical pencil, sharpie marker, you can even do it with a paint brush if you're really artistic do what you want to do but write it down some form.
  • Using Automation. using technology or it can be delegation to other people to do it but everything doesn't have to fall on your shoulders so how can you use technology to automate some of the things that you have to do. Don’t just work hard work smart.
  • Set Your Sleeping Schedule. As much as it’s important for you to clock in its also important for you to clock out nd doze off. Don’t deprive yourself of the proper sleeping schedule so that your body can also heal and recover from all a day’s work.
  • Get Some Good Quality Sleep. Your productivity is going to go down drastically with the lower amount of sleep so even though you may be thinking you're getting more work done it's probably more efficient for you to get that sleep and then take what would get you done and you know what would uh take two hours to do when you're sleep deprived would probably take you 30 minutes after a good night of sleep so prioritize your sleep


“ Right now matter how much money you have there are wealthy decisions, wealthy habits, wealthy tips, and tricks that you can do now that will help you live that life of abundance” – De'Von Truvel

“Wealth could mean a bunch of art, it could mean a bunch of friends, it's whatever you choose to put around you in abundance” – Sinclair Thee Health Nerd

“Wealthy people do things on purpose. There is the plan, a strategy, or desired outcome. Be intentional everyday.” – De'Von Truvel

“Wealthy and successful people have strategic plans for their life” – De'Von Truvel

“You can set your intentions and still live in the moment.” – Sinclair Thee Health Nerd

“Once you've really set the intention and it's become a part of you don't necessarily need to be thinking about it 24/7.. The is the power of Manifestation.” – Sinclair Thee Health Nerd

“Every day write down one tangible goal that’s going to help you get to your long-term vision.” – True Health 4rever

“When you're working for yourself, set your hours. Something that's realistic that you can commit to and clock in.” – De;Von Truvel

“Use a notebook or planner to write down your annual monthly, weekly, and daily goals” – True Health 4rever

“Get Some Good Quality Sleep. You deserve it.” – De'Von Truvel

“Deep sleep is very important for full body restoration” – Sinclair Thee Health Nerd

Resources Mentioned
UC Davis
The Seven Riches by Napoleon Hill
Calendly- Automation tool
The circadian rhythms
Atomic Habits
coaching@playblackwallstreet.com and coaching@truehealth4ever.com

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