Unconditional Love vs Taking Advantage | The M4 Show Ep. 108

There's a fine line between giving someone unconditional love and being taken advantage of. On your journey to and through wealth you will need to build a network of people but how do you also maintain relationships with friends and family. This episode of The M4 Show will talk about family, friendships, and unconditional love.

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2:54 Did You Know
4:38 As You Build Wealth
5:08 Who is the M4 show trying to help?
6:48 Your Network and net worth
10:33 The Concept Of Unconditional Love
14:03 Self-Love
15:28 The Image Of Self-Love
17:11 Love, Importance, and Value To Money
20:04 How Do You Give Yourself Value And How Do You Know That You Are Important
32:33 Updates
36:28 Outro



  • Did You Know that strong relationships are linked to lower anxiety and depression, higher self-esteem, and a better immune system?
    • Relationships directly tied to health.
  • Whatever thoughts and feelings that you feel your body feels and sends messages and hormones and electrical signals and pulses.
  • As you build wealth it gets difficult to meet new genuine friends. You don't know who's your friend for you versus who is your friend for what you represent or your wealth.
  • We're trying to help at least 100 other families get to that top with us. We don't want to be at the top by ourselves.
  • Your Network is your net worth.
  • Your inner circle needs to be with the people who share the same values as you.
  • The Concept Of Unconditional Love is feeling um is loving someone regardless of what they do or say um or how they act like it's you take away all the – “as long as” or “ifs” and “buts” It's taking off any con any conditions to the reason or the love that you give to somebody.
  • It's going to be interesting when we cannot attach love to have to earn it
  • How Do You Show Yourself, Unconditional Love?
  • The only prerequisite is to keep going.
  • Parenting is the ultimate sign of unconditional love
  • Watch out for your energy drainers. Watch out for people or things that drain your energy and resources that aren’t pouring back into your cup.



“Our bodies, we're chemical and electrical signaling machines” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“I think we start to over calculate who we're going to allow in our network” – De’Von Truvel

“Unconditional Love – It's taking off any conditions to the reason or the love that you give to somebody” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“Sometimes the image of self-love comes off as either arrogant or crazy” – De’Von Truvel


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