True Health 4ever Podcast Ep. 1 Introduction

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Welcome to the True Health 4ever podcast! A podcast brought to
life by our shared passion for promoting health and sharing
knowledge about wellness.
In this episode, we share our motivation behind starting TH4 and
our personal reasons for seeking out health and vitality in our lives.
Listen in for tips and advice you can put into practice as soon as
today, to boost your finances and start your days more
purposefully. Join us for future episodes featuring advice and
resources that’ll inspire and support you in maximizing your
economic, spiritual, social and physical health.

“Starting something is always the hardest part. Once you get started...

momentum will carry you.”
- De’Clair

Top Takeaways:

• The passion and purpose behind True Health 4ever.
• Sinclair & De’Von’s respective journeys to health.
• Actionable tips you can use for your economic health and physical
• Why Beyonce eats chia pudding and you should too.
Key Moments:
• [00:57] The Motivation Behind TH4
• [02:52 4] TH4’s 4 Pillars
○ [03:11] - Economic health
○ [03:35] - Spiritual Health
○ [03:59] - Social Health
○ [05:03] - Physical Health
• [06:52] Food Deserts & What You Can Do
• [07:35] Why podcasting?
• [09:14] 1 tip for economic health
• [10:28] 1 tip on health
• [14:17] Let's Connect
• [14:48] Episode Recap
• [15:40] Chia Pudding
• [16:56] Up Next
• 18:39 Outro

Resources Mentioned:

• Black Wall Street The Board Game
• Down Dog App
• Beyonce’s Chia pudding recipe
• "We want to take steps now in our lives today to make sure we are able
to see our grandkids and our great-grandkids be born." - De’Von Truvel
• “I feel like what you put into your body does say something about what
you think about yourself... paying attention to what you eat is the most
important form of self-love." - Sinclair Theehealthnerd


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