Trucking and Real Estate Investing | The M4 Show Ep. 114

Are you thinking about getting into the Trucking Industry? Interested in investing in Real Estate? In this episode, we have a power couple joining us who has been able to start a trucking company and purchase a duplex. Join live to ask your questions.

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0:05 Intro
1:59 Did You Know
3:44 Daniel and Megan Walker
11:53 Learnings of Love
19:59 Duplex Business
30:58 Renting A Property: How do you find renters?
45:17 trucking Business Mistakes & Lessons
54:38 Ask De’Clair
1:10:18 Updates
1:14:09 Outro



  • Did You Know that taking a 10-minute walk after you eat a meal with carbohydrates can help you burn fat by balancing your blood sugar?
    • Stored glucose becomes fat if it’s not used by the body.
  • When looking for the one: find someone who has the same structure and values as you.
  • Seek professional help for all your business and property needs.
  • It’s essential to find someone that best fits your needs whenever you are trying to seek advice.
  • Do your research before putting up any business.
  • How do you find renters?
    • Find people at work, some of them might need to rent out a place.
    • Find a renter that works in a recession-proof job. Having a job that no matter what happens in the market they are still going to have a job that can sustain and pay rent.
    • Do your research: Do background checks and character checks for the person who’s going to rent out your property.
    • Provide a contract: Even if you are friends or the renter is someone you know. It’s important to provide that lease contract so that both parties will view it more as a business and all the expectations and rules will be set clearly.
  • Trucking advice
    • Always Get A Warranty
    • You're always going to have a breakdown so just make sure you do have a warranty on your things on your items in the truck.
    • Make sure you know what it covers different things like that because truck down truck breakdowns
    • Your truck is your biggest asset and your biggest expense so you want to invest in it to keep up with maintenance at all times.


“Make sure they understand where you're at and that they are the right person for you” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“It's so important to get that exposure to ask those questions” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd


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