The 5 Love Languages Explained Ep. 106

Do you know your love language? The 5 Love Languages is a free and quick way to learn more about your partner. If you are feeling under appreciated, missing the spark, or still single and ready to mingle knowing your love language could help. Our hosts take their 5 love language assessments every year!

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Key Moments

00:00 - 0:58 Intro

2:46 Did You Know
12:29 Acts of Service
14:58 Quality Time
19:11 Physical Touch
24:35 Receiving Gifts
25:31 Words of Affirmation
30:12 Ask De’clair
38:19 The Golden Rule Versus The Platinum Rule
43:27 Updates
53:10 Outro


  • Did You Know meal prepping can drastically increase your likelihood of sticking to your diet?
    • Meal prepping saves time.
  • It’s important to know what your love language is.
  • You need to know what’s the love language you want to accept.
  • Know the love language of the people around you.
  • The 5 Love Languages Explained: What are they?
    • Acts of Service – When someone does something nice for them, they feel cherished.
    • Ex: Doing the dishes, running errands, Cooking, Cleaning the house
    • Quality Time – This love language is given through undivided attention. If you are focused on them, they feel valued. Making eye contact and attentively listening are required. Reaffirm what the other person says without giving any suggestions. This love language seeks quality over quantity make sure that you give them that quality time or whatever other love languages that are important to them.
    • Physical Touch – A person who prefers physical touch as their major love language feels loved when they are touched physically rather than by words of affirmation.
    • Receiving Gifts – Receiving gifts as a major love language does not imply huge or expensive gifts; rather, it is the thought that counts.
    • Words of Affirmation – Words of affirmation are used to show affection, praise, or appreciation. Inspiring phrases, love notes, and adorable Texts are all part of this person's major love language. Complimenting or highlighting their strengths will make their day.
  • The Golden Rule Vs The Platinum Rule
    • The Golden Rule = Treat others how you want to be treated.
    • The Platinum Rule = Treat others how they want to be treated



“Make sure on a consistent basis you're giving them the love language that they understand” – De’Von Truvel

“I think for anybody close to you, you want to know how they perceive love and how they want to be loved” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd


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