Planning a Wedding | Ep. 111 The M4 Show

Planning a wedding and want everything to be perfect? Planning your wedding can be the most amazing and stressful time of your time. Trust us we’ve been there! Watch this episode to get some tips on planning your wedding and preparing for a successful marriage.

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Planning a Wedding | Ep. 111 The M4 Show


0:26 Intro

1:15 Did You Know (Improving digestion)

4:55 Starting your day

6:35 Introduction of Guest

14:08 Why did you choose to get married?

19:30 Knowing what you need

 22:53 Taking your relationship to the next level

25:21 Doing things differently is not a bad thing

30:27 Being vulnerable to yourself is important (Falling in Love)

 35:32 Building a family foundation

41:53 Be a kind human being

44:19 Ask De’Clair

58:30 Planning a wedding

 1:25:20 Outro


  • Did You Know: Taking a few deep breathe before you eat can actually improve your digestion, we have two modes.
    The autonomic nervous system:  we have either the fight-or-flight go-go-go type of mode or we're in the rest and digest mode. It’s a binary system there's no in-between 
  • You want to be in that rest and digest mode so that your body can fully break down the food and assimilate all of the nutrients you need. 
  • If you're in that fight or flight mode there's a lot of energy taken away from digestion.
  • It's important to be vulnerable to be yourself, to open yourself up.
  • Let go of control if you seek love and connection.
  • It’s important to have a good foundation when raising up good kids.
  • Raise a beautiful healthy good family.
  • It’s important to communicate. Communication is vital for every marriage and relationship to work and blossom effectively.
  • Secure your funds and properties when planning a wedding. Plan things out set your budget and finances, along with what you want to have after the wedding. Ex: having the house you’ll move into after the wedding.
  • Talk it out: talk about your ideas and plans together with your partner. 


You have to fall; you have to be willing to let yourself go in order to find that love” – De’Von Truvel 

“When you’re falling you don’t have the balance, you don’t have the control you don’t know what’s gonna happen” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd 


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