How to Stop Procrastinating | Ep. 87

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  • Decision Fatigue: how you get tired the more decisions that you make and maybe how you can fight that and then why people procrastinate.
  • As overachievers we want to do the task to the highest caliber possible, we procrastinate because we fear that we're not going to do it to that 100 % and we want it at a 120%.
  • Does the task get easier the longer you wait to do it?
    • No, so the task doesn't change. What changes is your perception of the task and how much time you have to do it and like the effort.
    • No Matter What I Do It'll Be Better Than Zero: If you would have had that mindset at the beginning you probably would have had a better outcome because you would have done the best you can and had time to go back and make it better.
    • Create a self-management workflow or outlines. Use management tools if you can or maybe just use a notebook where you can write things down 
    • Creative people often procrastinate due to information overload and being too overwhelmed by a task. They don’t know which once to do first or how to start things out because most of them don’t have a list.
    • Create due dates for yourself. 1 task a day is better than zero 
    • Break down your tasks to make things easier 
    • Ask yourself, why do you procrastinate?
  • Practice sticking to the plan all the way through completion
  • Inaction can cause the same impact as Action
  • How To Fight Procrastination.
    • Find yourself an accountability partner or an accountability group
    • Focus on the task instead of the end result. Focus on the process. Focus on the task the process of just getting it done the results will take care of itself. 
  • When doing a task ask yourself will this get harder or easier if I wait. Use artificial Pressure to achieve this, Do things in advance from the actual due date.
  • Set realistic objective key goals and results 



Key Moments 

[00:31] Intro 

[5:00] As overachievers 

[05:53] Does the task get easier the longer you wait to do it

[07:30] How do you coach yourself?

[10:26] Why do you procrastinate? 

[14:34] The Perfectionism

[17:56] Inaction can cause the same impact as Action: DeVon gives nuggets of wisdom about the magnitude that each action or inaction can lead to. 

[20:44] Chemicals 

[23:21] How to Fight Procrastination

[30:00] Our couple shares their experiences throughout the week and their goals overall key results. 

[35:01] Devon’s shiny thing syndrome 

38:15] Outro



“Are we more afraid of getting a zero or are we more afraid of  NOT doing the best that we can do?” – TH4 

“No matter what I do it'll be better than zero. Small progress is better than being stuck.” – Sinclair Thee Health Nerd 

“Do Something! Something is always better than nothing” – Sinclair Thee Health Nerd

“Focus on the small tasks and the process and the results will take care of themselves.” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

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