How to Manifest Your Life and Purpose? TH4 Podcast Ep. 65


Your Action Steps

Set Your Intentions/Plant Your Seeds

Build Your Habits /grow your roots

Commit to the Process

Get Rid of bad energy/ Pluck the Weeds

Self-Affirmations/ Recognize Your Fruit


Top takeaways 

  • stay committed to whatever you want to accomplish
  • manifest what you want to happen
  • If you don’t work hard in taking these little steps to your manifestations, you’ll just end up hitting curveballs and that’ll keep stalling your progress.
  • Manifest and visualize you dreams in life: what accomplishing that goal looks like and what you want your life to look like.
  • Manifesting while working for your dreams will allow you to focus on the goal while undergoing the process in order for you to transcend and progress into fully grasping what you’ve always longed for.
  • Set Your Intentions
  • Have a long-term vision you have to have that “Super” Vision: visualize what you want to be in the next 5-10 years 
  • Add questions that will help clarify that vision
  • “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full” if your heart is full of hope manifest that hope and let it radiate outwardly in order to help you go, grow and glow as a person whom you’ll be proud to see in the next 10 year or so. 
  • Your “Why” needs to be the most powerful why, that you’ll engrave in your heart and mind, it is what will keep you going.
  • relevant stress management: stress management is crucial in order for you to function even when the obstacles are coming at you none stop. Until you finally get that ultimate goal you’ve been eyeing for.
  • Improve your functional mobility
  • Say your affirmations 
  • Commit to the process: Figure out what are those points in the process and commit to that process.
  • You are like a plant that needs to be planted in soil in order for you to grow: you need to undergo the process.
  • Keep the positive energy going: Your environment’s negativity should not hinder your outlook and approach in achieving your goal. 

Key moments:

[00:11] Intro 

[01:29] Getting back to the art of manifestation 

(See TH4 Ep. 62 Our Trip to Tulsa's Black Wall Street. for the manifestation example) *insert link*


is setting your intentions

[03:10] How and Why to Practice Manifesting

[03:45] Visualizing your Aspirations in life 

[04:06] the art of manifestation

[06:07] Our Route: Having Smart Goals or Measurable specific intentions 

[08:29] See us in 10 years: Questions you’ll ask yourself to achieve your goal

[11:28] what is that motivation? 

[12:28] The strength of our why 

[13:26] build your habits

[14:38] relevant stress management

[16:53] functional Mobility

[19:11] our personal manifestation habits 

[21:14] DeVon’s metaphors: Brick by Brick Habit 

[22:28] Commit to the process  

[24:46] Your Process:  what is your photosynthesis? 

[29:00] The Ideal world

[29:36] What we didn’t do

[30:35] what you should do

[31:30] get rid of the bad energy 

[37:00] Too many ideas in your head

[40:00] Leaks of energy: Energy Vampires 

[45:00] not everyone who follows you supports you

[48:00] self-affirmation

[50:00] Scale it up

[1:00:00] Reflections from TH4 and Play black wall street  

[1:13:00] Outro


    • Set your intentions as specific as possible so that you’ll not only have a clearer view on things but you’ll also be able to focus whole heartedly and not get bombarded with to many information or pressure around your environment.
    • Have a little target sign
    • You must have the answer to these two questions: what are you trying to accomplish and where are you trying to go?
    • Smart Goals: Your manifestation needs to be specific and measurable so that it can be attainable. You will have a clear path on how you want to do things in order to get that goal. 
    • Art of manifestation

    See Us in 10 Years

      Who Do you Want to be and help?

      What do you want to be doing with your time?

      Where do you want to live and travel?

      Why is this important to you?

      • Manage your mental health and your body: these two have to be in tuned with each other 


      “It's important to not only do the steps that it takes but to manifest what you want to happen” – Sinclair

      “There's going to be a lot of curveballs that come in your journey to accomplishing whatever goal you're trying to accomplish so manifesting is important because it helps keep you focused it helps keep you committed” – Sinclair

      “If you manifest you can really visualize what you want” – Sinclair

      “Add questions that will help clarify that vision” – Sinclair

      “You will be tested yes you will be tried. you will see many valleys in your journey to that mountain” – DeVon 

      “End or start with the end in mind but also start with that that why start with that drive that's motivating” – DeVon 

      “The strength of your why has to outweigh any of the stress or the trauma that your obstacles are going to bring. Your “why” has to be that strong otherwise you know you'll run into an obstacle and you'll give up on that on that dream – Sinclair

      “Have a really strong “why” that's not going to dissipate that's not going to disappear that's not going to weaken you as you go along your journey”– Sinclair

      “Those obstacles they're going to come that is a guarantee”– Sinclair

      “There is a lot of stress that it's just going to come you're not going to be able to get rid of it so it's important to just be able to manage your mental health and your body”– Sinclair

      “No matter what is going up and down commit to going through this process and understanding that it will be a process” – DeVon 

      “Understand that there is no growing of this fruit without you hitting some of these points within the process” – DeVon 

      “When we say the word commit um it sounds nice and it's easy to verbally”– Sinclair

      “It's not pretty it's not fun to have to go over those obstacles but it is absolutely a part of the process”– Sinclair

      There is no being successful without hitting those obstacles and moving past them”– Sinclair

      “Whatever you put into it is what's going to come out of it”– Sinclair

      “Be intentional and be conscious of the people and the things that are taking a little bit of energy from you and regulate that as best you can” – DeVon 

      Resources mentioned 

      black wall street the board

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