How to Heal Holistically the alkaline way? Vegan Chef Leel Live True Health 4ever Podcast Ep. 74




  • Eating electric food for the body’s electricity.
  • Sugar along with different foods activate your body’s receptors and sometimes it’s not in the best ways.
  • Choose the Cooking lifestyle: Be independent and unique in choosing and doing the cooking lifestyle
  • It’s better to cook and prepare your own meals, you can control how much additives you put in your food.
  • Doing more holistic practices is breaking your curse then it's going to come with a great responsibility which means you have to literally learn how to do it properly.
  • The lifestyle we will have in the future comes with the energy that our loved ones engrave to our hearts.
  • Find information sources that resonate well with your values. all you need to do is rely on nature
  • There are particular Ph levels per food. Ex: milk and eggs are around three and four.
  • Each body has a different acidity and alkaline rates, trying to be extremely alkaline or acidic is not even optimal for your blood. You don't want to be too alkaline, you don't want to be too acidic.
  • Gender plays a big part in the Ph levels in the body along with the organs that come with it.
  • Obesity is the number one crime against your health
  • The cooking Lifestyle allows you to freely choose what you put in your body. 
  • The way you live your life with the lifestyle you have will determine the balance and self-healing capacity in your body.
  • Be willing to take a chance, experiment with food whilst still securing your main goal of holistic healing and balance within the body


[00:24] Intro

[04:06] How Doctor Sebi influenced the electric kitchen’s goal through his teachings was able to help Chef Leel live holistically. (Eating electric foods) 

[04:36] the electric kitchen’s aim in Uplifting the electricity and the alkaline kind of way of healing

[04:38] Chef Leel’s electric kitchen: wants to operate with foods that support that electricity in the body and foods that don't hinder the development of electrolytes.

[09:51] finding information that resonates with you

[13:11] Start Cooking your own meals: Uplifting the electricity and the alkaline kind of way of healing inside the body.

[13:35] Vegan and fasting lifestyle by Chef Leel 

[16:45] What is chelation

[18:51] Chelating Process and Practices with cilantro and other foods

[19:27] opposite side of acidic diets/food

[19:52] alkaline and acid scale rates from food and suggested rates for the body

[20:25] What’s the acidic and alkaline sections inside the body 

[22:46] How the body can be developed into achieving the self-healing stage

[31:30] adaptation side effects of the body:  Detoxify through alkaline and holistic diet

[39:46] Cooking lifestyle is the only option: choosing this lifestyle based on the data

[40:00] taking calculated risks: your responsibility in sharing the holistic healing values 

[41:31] progress against diabetes habits and foods you should avoid

[47:10] What should you eat and how should you eat it? 

[54:30] Outro


    • Practice chelating: Chelation means "to grab" or "to bind” Use foods that have chelating properties to bind minerals into the body and help you with cleansing and detox as well. Take a lot of the heavy metals out of your blood. What's more important is to understand that one you have different systems in your body that function at different Ph levels.
    • Take risks the same with how wealth works: all wealthy people take risks but every risk they take is calculated. People who cannot sustain themselves don't take calculated risks in this lifestyle; they kind of just hear about it and they try to follow you. (they’re still subjective to the influencer)
    • Avoid processed foods as much as you can, they have additives and preservatives that hinder the normal function of the body. Choose cooking! The other option (processed food) is not an option


    “Unlearn to relearn”
    “I want you to use me while you can and then now, you're going to break a generational curse by passing this down to your family members and the ones that come beneath” Chef Leel 

    “Your body is a representation of duality and balance” – Chef Leel

    “The process of you putting together and working with what you have and then creating out of that. That's where the art of culinary comes into play.” – Chef Leel

    “Being able to create in the kitchen was like seeing somebody being able to get nothing and create something out of it” – Chef Leel 

    “re-educate and discover new things so it becomes an invention”. – Sinclair


    Dr. Sebi

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