How to Achieve Your Goals with the Mamba Mentality Ep. 81

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  • The mamba mentality is using all of your gifts using everything that you have for one specific goal and for Kobe that goal was to win. Ask yourself what is your own mamba goal? Something that you can effectively use the mamba mentality for.
  • Your gifts and skills need to resonate with people 
  • Focus and Discipline is the key
  • It’s important to have a clear singular goal. Your goals and ideas can’t always branch up uncontrollably or else you won’t know which one to attend first.
  • Manifest, organize and plan your vision: Write it down. 
  • Manage things properly
  • Trust your instincts and take action.

Key moments 

00:02 intro 

04:54 are you ready for some podcasts

05:28 Our couple explains what the mamba mentality is.

06:40 play on it let's see [ clip of Kobe Bryant’s games] 

08:14 Reaction to Kobe’s game play

09:03 Quote for Kobe

12:08 Gifts and skill that our favorite couple has: Their own Mamba Way

15:02 Sponsor time 

15:36 Getting into Mamba Mode Let's Go!

17:39 Hardest Step: Our couple dives deeper into the podcast 

27:53 Take action  

37:36 We’re going on a trip 

39:55 Outro


  • Find your unique gift and how you can use that to help the people around you.
  • Sometimes It’s hard for you to realize that you have this as a gift, find somebody close to you who thinks highly of you if this is something you struggle with and they can help you out. 
  • When achieving your goals have a systematized approach towards them and give it your all. Every fiber of your being. 
  • Getting into Mamba Mode
    1. you need to assess your skills and your weapons
  1. Define your goals- Clarity is the key
  2. Create or wait for the right environment - waiting taking your time and making yourself ready for the right time to strike right or it's creating the right environment
  3. Take Action

  • It’s a prerequisite to have a plan otherwise you won’t know what to do, your path will not be as clear as you need it to be. 


“Combine your gifts, combine all your talents, to achieving  one specific  goal” – DeVon

I feel like it's hard sometimes for you to realize your gift, so find somebody close to you who thinks highly of you who can help you discover your gift” – Sinclair 

“Help as many people as possible. You have to have a system to duplicate yourself & your consciousness.” – TH4 

“One of the things that I like to do is for us which obviously is to lend my talents. To do it as well for you, all for the world, for my clients is making healthy food, delicious.” – Sinclair


I think this is my hardest one.  I think I’ve gotten to a point where I am comfortable knowing that I’m great at stuff and I know I’m great at stuff but in my opinion because I’m great at these different things they don't always align to a singular goal.” – DeVon

“I need to write out what each step is building up to. I do know that they connect but I don't see the web. I don't see the connections on or the building blocks to how they're all leading to this one singular point.” – DeVon

“You have your gifts, you have your goal but maybe you're in the wrong environment or maybe you don't know when the right time to strike is for your particular goal so think about that a little bit.” – DeVon

“Focus on the things you can control” – Sinclair 

“Take action in trusting your instincts.” – DeVon


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