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The devastation brought by the Corona virus is immeasurable, we at True Health 4ever know that in these trying times we must all come together to heal as one. That is why we've come up with the podcast years back to help people who are undergoing all the kinds of pressure that life may bring us. Think of us as your personal healing buddy. We'll be here every first step of the way. To attain holistic healing aim, to do so you must create your vision creating your vision. How do you make your vision come to life? That's the question and that's what we at TH4 are here for to you with.

Creating Your Vision

Creating your vision is one way of holistically healing in knowing yourself and knowing your true purpose in life. We personally believe that having a well-thought-out vision for your life is a key component towards holistic healing and progress. Having a vision and fulfilling it is the answer you'll give to the questions of where do you want to be in the future? Where do you see yourself five years from now? It's our soul's guide in pushing through life. Knowing what you want to accomplish and bringing change for the people around you gives us fulfillment being able to see that you brought change for the people around you even just through your little actions everyday speaks volume. Our vision is our motivation to go through life, never sell yourself short in terms of manifesting these visions that you have in your heart. We at True health 4ever believe that you deserve the universe but you are given what you work for. For you to become extraordinary you must first do extra work and extra effort to go above and beyond. Everything starts with a vision so if you don't have a goal, you better create one and start investing in your self-development each and every day.

How did we create our vision? 

Economic struggle is what drove us to start TH4, we wanted to create a little haven for ourselves and our family. We aim to be financially stable so that our family along with our kid will not inherit poverty, being able to not pressure them nor oblige them to give back to us will enable our kids and grandkids to invest for themselves with properties and assets that will help secure their future in the long run for generations and generations to come. We aim to increase the holistic health of the African diaspora in America: life expectancy, heart related deaths, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. We’re at the height for the statistics of those but when it comes to wealth, we are at the bottom of those, and that is the ultimate goal of TH4 is to bring change among these concerns. We look forward to shifting these statistics and the health of the African diaspora, to make a difference and health contribute to longevity and progressive change.

Why you need to practice Manifesting your vision

Both sides of the coin are equally important in determining how successful you will become. For you to manifest your vision you must first believe in yourself along with the change that your vision may bring to the community.  This is where your vision comes into play, never sell your vision short because your vision is what trains your mind into doing the right habits, the right actions and the right discipline. For you to manifest effectively figure out what your full potential is, know what your superpowers are and put them into good use.

The plans that you do today will push you towards a greater impact that will bring change into your life and will fulfill the vision that you’ve had all these years. Look back on your visions from before and examine whether you can execute them today, that is what happened with Sinclair Theee Health Nerd she wrote a diet plan years ago without realizing that today she'll be able to sell more than 100 copies of the book that she made years ago all because she manifested and re-strategize the vision that she had years ago. She wrote a diet plan back before covid hit, during the pandemic she felt like she needed an effective diet plan amidst the ongoing lockdown and that's when she realized that she too actually wrote a plan for herself whose aim is to help people effectively lose weight and improve their health. This is where your manifestations align with the right timing, that's why you should always be observant in knowing when the time is right to put forth for the plans that you’ve been making all these years. You can check out Sinclair Intermittent Fasting Plan here if you are looking to improve your health and try out Intermittent fasting.

Take a leap of faith and believe in yourself, do everything at the 120% and soon enough you see that all your efforts and hard work paid off.  Don’t let other people influence your goals but know when to observe the environment that you’re in, whether it’s big enough or not: if you’re making progress and building change or whether you need to gauge your vision and action into a more elevated position. Don’t force yourself into people who have a different mindset and vision, be consistent don’t lose hope (All good things are worth the wait.) whether it’s about manifesting your future wife, your future family or future business if by heart you know that these things are good in nature focus on patiently waiting while developing and working on yourself more day by day. ‘Your visions will come to life in time, be persistent and be patient” That’s the case for Sinclair’s home workout plan.

Build Every Year

We believe that each year is a year for progress, growth, and healing. Our stars will align in time when that happens, we must face it head on and be tenacious in not letting go of our dreams. We have to have something that keeps us awake at night and keeps us motivated to wake up each day. Invest in your future and be prepared to teach your loved ones the same manner and discipline as you. With great patience and extraordinary efforts we can all make it and succeed in life. Health and Wealth, we can all achieve. We at TH4 hope to see you there! Let’s all be successful. Help us, help you!

Take aways 

  • Personal vision – besides having common goals it's also important to have individuality in a relationship. You are your own person, you also need to have your own personal goals and identity outside of the relationship. 

  • Plan your vision and work on it. (Pandemic or not)

  • Individuality 

  • Manifest what you really want

  • Look back on your vision when you finally achieve your vision

  • Put the energy into the things that you aim and expect for.

  • Be consistent don’t lose hope

  • Know when the time is right! Make sure you Seize the opportunities that come and have a strategy. 

  • Failures are what brings you to success


  • Train yourself mentally to find and establish what your full potential is. 
  • Break free from the chains of unnecessary and unhealthy tradition. (work your way to heal from old wounds brought by ancestors and tradition)
  • Build an email list for clients.
  • Remarket (if needed, re-strategize)
  • Know your audience and niche.
  • Know what is timely and relevant.
  • Determine what is it that you can create to give people value for free? And then afterwards focus on building familiarity and make them want more from you.
Podcast Episode QUOTES:
  • “You today are a direct result of your past visions from yesterday, and yesteryears.”
  • “don’t sell yourself short! Manifest to the fullest” – Sinclair
  • “Money should not be the sole measure of success: Offers and opportunities are also you super powers that grow exponentially” –De’Von
    • Look back on your vision when you finally achieve your vision

    Resources mentioned:

    Black future month: a visionary plan to reshape our future

    True Health 4ever Podcast

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