Having the Race Talk | The M4 Show Ep. 109

How do you have the race talk? A conversation no parent wants to have but every Black Parent must have with their children. This episode of The M4 Show will talk about family, race, and building wealth.

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0:54 Introduction
2:17 Did You Know (Emotional Stress)
4:14 Did You Know (Black Text/ Heavy Tax Right)
7:22 Importance of Authentic Self (Self Love)
13:25 Loving your Queen (Wife)
18:43 Building a Business as One Unit and One Family
23:12 Facing up Racist Incidents
30:02 Creating Worksheets around Race and Racism (Racial Definition Worksheet)
32:05 Racism, White Supremacy, White Normality and Microaggressions
36:53 Black Power and Joy
49:58 Respecting a Person’s Identity and Recognizing their Identity
1:00:05 Building a Strong Family
1:05:30 Strategy for Building Wealth
1:10:45 Updates
1:13:43 Outro

Top Takeaways

  • Did You Know that emotional stress sends chemical signals to your body that triggers a physical stress response?
  • It’s important for you to be able to be your authentic self.
  • Learn what you want to do, take classes and mentorships
  • You need to put in the work in your business
  • Find the people who share the same vision with you
  • Use your resources properly (time, money & effort)
  • Make sure your values align with your brand
  • The work really starts with knowing what you're talking about
  • Most people don't have working definitions for these terms: (racism, white supremacy, white normality, and microaggressions)
  • The idea of black power and joy automatically incites the belief that we are anti-other identity.
  • Don’t assume anyone’s sexual identity. It’s for them to decide that.
  • Family strategy for building wealth:
  • The family has to understand the mission.
  • everybody has to understand what their role is at that moment or in those moments or in the timeline or whatever the goal is.
  • What is your good work right and doing it in a time that is for free until you can get paid for it?


“It’s important that you are able to be your authentic self.” – Dar Mayweather

“you need to know yourself, know what you want, and know what you're trying to do; but then also you gotta go do it.” – Dar Mayweather


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