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  • Know what lane are you stepping into as an entrepreneur
  • Tons of things become factors that hold up people from taking that leap of faith towards being an entrepreneur.
  • Self-Doubt
    • having dreams and aspirations are easy. not everybody has them but for the folks who have dreams and aspirations that part is not hard the hard part is acting on them and making them come true. Envisioning me being a health coach helping all of these people that that's not hard I do that all the time but to actually put it into action and to believe that I can do it has been probably the hardest part um because I that I can do it.
  • Money
    • You get comfortable working a full-time job and doing this repetitive process while making all these money. Often time we don’t realize it holds us back from exploring the other side of our potential and creativity. You get comfortable doing something that you're not truly passionate about. At first a very comfortable place to be. You are kind of just go through the motion but after a while that starts to tug on you when you start to think about what can I be doing? What can I do next?
  • Entrepreneurship is really based on your effort
  • As the song lyrics by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston goes “There Can Be Miracles When You Believe”. De'Von explains that if there's doubt there is not belief or there's not full faith, so if you're self-doubting then that means that you're not fully believing.
  • Believe in yourself and take action, slowly is the fastest way to go. Always create these baby steps that you’ll have along the way which will lead you into the goal you’ve been working on.
  • Staying in your job whilst making money out of it regardless of the efforts that you put in the work, the increase you’ll get from that salary is always dependent on the cost of living and not always dependent on your efforts in the work that you do. Unlike when you go full time with your entrepreneurial plans wherein your effort pays back double the expected amount you set for, if you do things right, plan things on track and exert your effort with a dash of passion.
  • When you're an entrepreneur the amount of work or the amount of execution your level of execution now has a direct result
  • Higher the risk, the higher the reward: Where there is risk there is reward
  • I think as humans, we need fulfillment in some form or fashion and it doesn't matter necessarily where it comes from but our body needs fulfillment it needs happiness yeah if you're not getting it from your job if you're not getting it from your interactions, I think you're going to seek that fulfillment somewhere else.
  • There is a question that we all ask ourselves whether physically asking yourself or whether asking yourself throughout delivering living your life and doing the things you're doing which is why am I here on this planet? That question is because none of us had a choice for being here you don't get to choose to be birthed that's not a choice, we have but we were put on this earth so the question is why.
  • You can't just believe your way to success. you need to believe then you also need to create that plan create that strategy and execute at a high level or be willing to get better over time at that
  • Plan ahead: Worst case or great case scenarios


Key Moments

[00:26] Intro
[06:12] Fully into Entrepreneurship: Sinclair’s Leap of faith into pursuing becoming a fulltime health coach
[07:01] Full-Time Entrepreneurship: Know your Lane
[10:21] Health Coaching
[10:58] Self-doubt: what were those things that were holding you back
[13:00] Comfort
[17:58] Which one came first the belief of the action?
[21:25] “CEO, Entrepreneur” – Risks & Rewards
[23:33] Fulfillment Through the Lens of Holistic Health
[30:53] Risks to Leave the Consistent Money for Possible Money
[33:13] What you truthfully need
[33:52] What Sinclair needs from Devon
[35:30] Allow me to still do it my way
[37:15] Moments
[49:17] Under Construction: Got the most in sales we've ever had
[57:30] Outro


“For folks who dreams aren't the hard part, the hard part is actually making them come true” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“If there's self doubt there is not full faith, have full faith in your powers and dreams.” – De'Von Truvel

“When you're an entrepreneur the amount of work and your level of execution has a direct impact on your income.” – De'Von Truvel

“As Humans  we Need Fulfillment In Some Form Or Fashion. If we don't get it in  a healthy way, we will seek it in an unhealthy way” – De''Von Truvel

“Why am I here on this planet? None of us had a choice to be born so we must be here for a reason. Why?” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“You can't just believe your way to success. Belief is only one variable in the algorithm. ” – De'Von Truvel

“When you put your goals into the universe you will start to manifest those goals even if they seem impossible at the moment.” – De''Von Truvel

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