Ep. 99 Habit Stacking and Homeschooling with the Pass Network

If you are homeschooling your child and trying to get things done this episode is for you. We have April Jackson from the Pass Network which is a homeschool pod empowering kids with culturally relevant pedagogy. This episode took a look at self-care for entrepreneurs, habit stacking, and the benefits of a homeschool education.

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  • Did You Know that poor sleep typically leads to eating more throughout the day?
    • Research from the Journal of American Heart Association in a study of 500 women indicated that those with poor sleep quality had higher food intake and a poorer diet.
    • If you're not able to get that restoration period, your body will look for energy in the form of food. it's going to trigger your hunger home hormone called ghrelin and it's going to make you hungrier throughout the day and that can lead to you consuming more food more calories and that's not conducive for weight loss or for even maintaining your weight
  • Self-Care as a workaholic: if you're not getting that sleep now, you're eating poorly you may be gaining weight you're not getting the energy that you need and you're not healthy so then you don't have the longevity that you need as an entrepreneur
  • How To Take Care Of Yourself As An Entrepreneur:
  • Being ambitious and having those big dreams and wanting the dream or the hustle to work is carved within everyone with the entrepreneurial spirit but it comes with some stress and what we need to do is understand how to handle all these stress that will come our way.
  • Be intentional about what you consume on social media and the internet.
  • Get engaged inside a community that will do you good mentally and physically.
  • Expose your kids in the right community.
  • As we continue to try to make a better future for our kids, for ourselves, for this nation like teaching from this land. A system that is never designed for us will never serve us and some systems simply cannot be. We cannot work within them; they just have to be dismantled and they're not going to dismantle the systems that are already existing so what we have to do is we have to just create our own system, one that will best work for us and the African-American diaspora.
  • How to start a business: The right mindset, people, and approach.
  • Educate Yourself on Business
  • Get a business coach
  • Educational approach for black students and children.
  • Have individualized programs for each student to fit their capabilities, interests, and growth and development as a student. Black children are shut down so much some are silent inside of homes. Their freedom of choice is taken away from them under the guise of respect.
  • Honor your students and make them feel the love within the educational service you provide.
  • Benefits of homeschooling: it allows you to have individualized instruction for each of your children.
    • Each kid is different. All those differences can be cultivated and developed through the homeschool approach.
    • It allows you to spend more time with them exposing them to other enriching activities.
    • Fuel for adventure: You have all day to do whatever amazing adventures you all want to explore. you save a lot of money you could travel all year long.
    • You can ensure that your child is being exposed to the values that you want to have your child exposed to.
  • Have an accountability group.


01:14 Intro
01:55 Did You Know
02:23 What Is Sleep?
04:01 Entrepreneurship culture
09:52 The Stress of The Entrepreneurship Journey. (Coping mechanisms)
12:40 Hustle Mentality
21:22 Language and Culture Relevance
25:00 Dismantling the education system through the black lens of teaching
28:18 The Mindset: Educate Yourself on Business
30:24 April’s Journey in The Homeschool Education System
35:14 Homeschool pod
36:52 What are the benefits of homeschooling?
48:46 Ask DeClair
54:06 Accountability
57:28 Motivation
1:10:25 Outro


“Every entrepreneur's journey comes with stress and finding your different coping mechanisms”- Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“Being ambitious and having big dreams comes with some stress” – De’Von Truvel

“Hustle doesn't mean losing yourself in the process” – April Jackson

“We need to make sure that when we're saying hustle that we are also encouraging people inside of the hustle to love yourself, be kind to yourself, be gracious to yourself inside of your hustle.” – April Jackson

“It is about teaching African-American children that who you are is enough.” – April Jackson

“Put yourself in the community where like-minded people are doing the things that you want to engage your child in.” – April Jackson


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