Ep. 98 Defining and Winning Your Superbowl

It's time for you to start preparing for your own dreams, for your own superbowl. How are you training yourself and preparing for your big moment? Listen to the week's podcast and lets go!

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  • Did You Know that for menstruating women the week before your period you're actually more sensitive to stress? That means that you should take that into account when you're planning your workouts or when you're planning your eating.
  • Be aware of yourself in those stressful environments. We at TH4 know y'all got big goals, we got big goals, we got big dreams and we got to make sure that we're not overloading ourselves or stressing ourselves out when all those amazing big dreams come true.
  • Ask yourself: How are you training for your own superbowl moment?
  • Train yourself as if you’re attending and playing in the Superbowl.
  • We all have our different Superbowl Games, Goals, and preparations: Figure out what role are you playing in that super bowl and how do you prepare for that role?
  • Your goals will require different types of preparations. Each goal requires specific preparation.
  • How can you play a role in what you do beautifully and what you do well in a large event that can help you out?
  • Support and learn from each other’s Superbowl. Work as a team and play a role that is needed in that Superbowl event.
  • How can you prepare for your own Superbowl event?
  • You need to create the ripples that lead to the wave
  • Delayed Gratification: If you start preparing early enough you can do both of the goals that you’re really seeking to gain. Right now, like being very strategic so that we can make the future moves happen
  • Just be careful that you don't focus too much on living in luxury now and unintentionally sacrifice your opportunity at the super bowl. (your Superbowl is your own journey and progress in finally achieving your main goal)



00:00-01:23 Intro
01:50 Did You Know?
04:12 Be Aware
7:39 Natural Inclination
10:03 super bowl what is your Olympics
11:54 Sinclair Health Coaching Vision
13:30 The Power of Manifestation
21:24 What your role is: SuperBowl Individuality
28:57 Ask DeClair: What is a battle that you have faced and how did you prepare for it? 29:40 What is your Superbowl?
33:07 Delayed Gratification
45:09 Outro


“Be aware of yourself and how you react in those stressful environments.” – De’Von Truvel

“Train as if you know without a shadow of a doubt that your moment is coming” – De’Von Truvel

“I want to create something for us, by us, that has our culture, our history, our health our mindset, and our reality in mind” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“Make sure that your not overloading yourself or stressing yourself out when all those your amazing big dreams come true.” – De’Von Truvel

“The power of manifestation it's not going to necessarily happen in the time frame that you set all the time but if you keep your vision very specific and you keep going through that vision ; it will come to pass.” – De’Von Truvel


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