Ep. 97 Self Confidence with Jye Citizen

Be Confident in yourself, your gifts, and who you are in vital in your journey. Self love and self-confidence play a huge role in our life outcomes. A lot of times our image of self is created as a child but its never too late to build self-confidence. 

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  • Did You Know that shortening you’re eating window to eight to ten hours in a day can help you regulate your blood sugar and burn fat? The reason why is that after you eat especially carbohydrates your body breaks it down into glucose it enters your bloodstream and insulin's job is to take that glucose and bring it to your cells. It’s good to give insulin a break from time to time in terms of breaking and processing sugar or glucose.
  • ANOMALY is a lifestyle brand with the main goal to inspire creativity and individuality amongst black and brown youth.
  • Be willing to get down on the ground and get experience, through internships and other pieces of training.
  • Breakdown your social walls
  • Tips: Managing Your business and brand
    • Do your research for yourself.
    • Know how to set your business up correctly.
    • Know who or what needs to be paid and when it needs to be paid.
    • Have your Ducks in a row: Meaning, organize your tasks, brand strategies, and expenses (cash flow and expenses).
    • Have all these things ready to go.
    • Understand that we don't always know everything.
  • You might be the strongest out there. Nobody can really mess with you but understand that you may come against somebody that has more experience or is bigger than you.
  • Be confident in what you have but understand that you don't know everything in the world there may be something out there that you don't quite know yet.
  • Ask De’Clair: How Do You Remain Consistent During Those Off Days, Those Down Days Wherein You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything?
    • Exercise
    • Have an accountability call
    • Do one thing a day just to maintain progress and consistency
    • Separate work hours from family time. Even the simple things you can do every day with your family or partner ex: taking a walk, going to the groceries together, and having date nights.
    • Take the love language test.
  • Be Open to Learning



00:0 - 00: 27 Intro
01:57 Did You Know
17:43 Anomaly
07:08 Jye Citizen
07:39 Self-Confidence
25:08 Importance of Willingness to Learn: Internship and More
28:40 the biggest lesson that Jye learned while running in his business.
31:33 Not Letting Your Ego Get in The Way
34:48 Ask De’Clair
42:47 Creating A Culture Around the Relationship
53:05 Vision of @anomalysecf
1:08:06 Outro



“Sometimes its hard to feel confident in this world when you can so easily compare yourself to all people on social media. You need to unplug sometimes to recalibrate your self love and self worth” – De’Von Truvel

“Me being different than everybody really sets me apart and that's something that I should be confident in” – Jye Citizen

“Don't let your ego get the best of you” – Jye Citizen

“Be Strong but Be Humble” – Jye Citizen

“You never know what doors can open if you're not knocking on them” – Jye Citizen


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