Ep. 96 Self Sabotage and Self Awareness

 Self Sabotage is real but sometimes we do it without realizing it. What if you were one small fix away from achieving your goal? What if you were one intentional step away from having everything you wanted? Or worse what if there is a small thing you are doing now that's holding you back?

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00:18 Intro
01:31 Did You Know?

03:29 What Are the Things That You're Holding on To That You Need to Release

05:37 Old Habits That De'Clair Falls Back onto When Stressed and Overwhelmed.

14:54 What Are Things That You Do That Are Helpful for Your Goal?
21:47 Why Do We Self-Sabotage?

32:04 Ask De'Clair
42:00 Outro




  • Did You Know that being in a state of chronic stress can hinder your weight loss and even cause weight gain 
  • We often revert to old behaviors when we are stressed or in survival mode.
  • Meditate and take a walk when you are stressed.
  • When reverting back to old habits ask yourself: Why Do I Do This? Does It Actually Help Long-Term? Then what might be a good habit swap.
  • Know your triggers. Know where your triggers are and put something there to remind you or make you think twice before reverting back to that habit that gets triggered.
  • Don’t use hashtags in YouTube it will make your channel stagnant and not qualify in YouTube’s algorithm itself.
  • Avoid The Law of Diminishing Return. (See Podcast episode 95)
  • Think of the why: Why Do We Self-Sabotage?
  • When we balance a whole lot of things on our plate often times the return diminishes because our attention and efforts are all over the place.
  • Give freemiums to gauge people and practice what you’re really passionate about.
  • Avoid practicing multiple commitments all at the same time. Practice zooming in and delegating your skills and talents.
  • You don't have to do everything right now. You can utilize things if you can find a way to funnel everything into one, that's probably ideal. But even if you can't focus on one thing, get it off the ground and let that make room for you to be able to focus on other things.
  • Determine what your niche is. Determine what your focus is



  1. “Self-Sabotaging habits are the habits that you go back to when you're stressed or in survival mode that do not support your goals.” – De’Von Truvel
  2. “How you respond to stress will dramatically impact your life” – De’Von Truvel
  3. “Keep In Mind That You Have a Whole Lifetime. Breathe.” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd
  4. “Don't wait. Don’t hesitate, Go get that dream!” – De’Von Truvel



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