Ep. 94 Fire Your Boss Part 1 Who's In Charge

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  • Did You Know that your body burns a lot of its fat by releasing CO2
  • While you’re still trying to establish or figure out who you are and what your brand stands for, be open to passing the ball to someone who’s available and is a professional in the field you require help with.
  • Be your own boss. Take over your lives and your lifestyle.
  • Be accountable for yourself. Be your own boss who’s able to think for yourself & think out from this mindset of “necessity” of only doing one thing forever without you having any type of say so in anything else.
  • Accept your role within a group.
  • You have to be consistent. If you want to be successful, consistency over time is what gets you results. (You can't build a million-dollar business in four months)
  • Figure out the best strength, the best strategy, and what the best plan is for us to be sustainable in the future in the long run.
  • Allow people or yourself to do what they do best when they're available to do it based on their priorities.
  • Avoid slacking off.
  • Maximize the art of delegation. You're going to be a lot more efficient if you're putting people in roles that they're naturally good at from the jump and then figuring out everything after that.
  • Be an adaptable leader. Know how to respond to different personalities, figure out the different personalities, and understand that different personalities and different people respond to different styles of Leadership with different types of communication.
  • Create Equity. Load sharing is ever-changing it is not stagnant.


00:25 Intro
01:56 Did You Know
04:24 The Starting Five: Ivy League Podcast and Leaders of the Fire Your Boss Movement.
12:45 What is FYB?
14:34 Change How You Eat Then You'll Change How You Feel
19:37 Challenges as a Team
24:01 Sustainability and Consistency
30:25 Dedication
43:47 The Impact That Taking a Day Off Can Do to You and Your Goals
54:21 Delegation
56:16 Equity VS. Equality
1:03:58 Ask DeClair (Consistency, Struggles, Impact, Creation of Play Black Wall Street and TH4)
1:14:03 Ask DeClair: When did y'all know that y'all were the ones for each other?
1:17:39 IV League Podcast
1:29:14 The History of FYB
1:345:00 Branding


“We have no problem passing the ball to make sure that the right person who's available to do the right thing gets the job done” – FYB

“We're raised with this mentality that somebody else is in charge of our success but ultimately the success starts with you. Know that you are your own boss, you're in charge of you” – FYB

“If you're able to change how you eat, then you'll change how you feel. if you change how you feel, then you'll change what you do.” – FYB

“Be consistent, if you want to be successful, consistency over time is what gets you results.” – FYB

“I just survived. I didn't quit. I did not stop when everybody else took the barriers to shut down.” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“Dedication is doing things even when you don't feel like doing it” – FYB

“It's not about putting in the equal effort, it's not about putting in equal tasks it's about doing what you're best at and what the team needs.” – De’Von Truvel 

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