EP. 90 Music, Mind, and Wellbeing

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  • Did You Know: Your taste buds change as you change your diet
  • There was a lot of adults there (in the correctional facility) who didn't know how to break the addiction cycle but the one thing that they had in common was music and they weren't using it in the right way. (as per Ann Phillips)
  • Music can give you a stir that gives you certain frequencies either for improved focus or just stimulating the brain for a better mood. Music is our brain’s actual exercise.
  • Music has the ability to heal on so many levels when you utilize it in the way that you need to.
  • People consume salt and sweets it often leads to unmonitored over consumption leading to problems we aren't prepared for like anxiety & then they end up with digestive problems due to this unmonitored habit.
  • when you have eaten so much of the salty stuff. And so much of the sweet stuff, the problems that you can end up having with that are problems with gut and brain connection.
  • People may not be expressive especially children but they will find a way to talk and connect with you through music.
  • Music it's like an international language
  • Music comes in many forms: Rhythm through ears and rhythm through touch.
  • Neural Remodeling for Goal Setting:
  • Practice writing using your weak hand (opposite hand you don’t use for writing)
  • If you have a book lying around your house which you haven’t read before. Read it straight within the span of 3 days. The whole idea of this is to start something and finish it at a micro level that you would never have done before. Just read no need to study the book, just read it from start to finish. Take those three days and make sure that you have opened and closed that book. Once you've done that project when it comes to breaking the procrastination cycle that's really an intense one because in your mind now you always know that you have always done it you've done it before you can do this again and sometimes that speeding up process prevents procrastination.
  • Agoraphobia: the fear of going outside and the environment that we're in now right where we're being by policy forced to be inside.
  • Reach out for help and take that first step.
  • Dealing with your Thoughts & Anxiety: just ask yourself a question and in asking yourself a question you're going to change your thoughts. Why am I feeling this? What can I do to address this feeling? Change Your Mind, Change Action, Disrupt.


Key moments

0:40 Intro
02:35 Did you know
05:14 How can you recover from trauma
08:55 Music Mind and Well-Being
10:55 Impacts That Music Can Have on Healing
20:30 Mission
24:55 Different Hemispheres of The Brain
34:07 Cycle of Depression
34:31 Agoraphobia: How do we heal post Covid?
40:43 The Awake Journey
55:10 Ask De'Clair
1:08:33 Outro



  • “Sometimes in our relationships we've had negative relationships with ourselves with our parents with our friends for so long that when we see a good relationship, we reject it because it's not what we're used to.” – De’Von Truvel
  • “I had been through trauma myself music had never left my life” – Ann Phillips
  • “Music is everywhere music is powerful and it is everywhere even in what we perceive to be our silence there is music because your body is continually giving out a rhythm of its own.” – Ann Phillips
  • “Doing something is better than doing nothing because perfection it doesn't even exist there's always going to be something that didn't quite go according to plan something that needs improvement but that's okay” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd
  • “You’ve got to know where you've come from to know where you're going to.” – Ann Phillips
  • “Allow well-being, Allow knowledge every day.” – Ann Phillips

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