Ep. 88 Content Creation with POP

Looking for creative content ideas for your business? Are you a parent trying to build a brand while raising a family? This week we have a special live guest, The 9 to 5 Creator himself who has built a brand as a working parent in this digital world. Join Sinclair aka Theee Health Nerd and De'Von Truvel creator of Black Wall Street the Board Game as they ask questions around content creation to the 9 to 5 creator.

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  • POP Stands for  – Passionately on Purpose
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  • Be “passionately on purpose” in every aspect and element of your life
  • Study building a personal brand, building a business and leveraging the power of social media and messaging through content in order to build your brand.
  • Don't be Too Scattered
  • Post strategically – Think like the audience. When we are posting we ask ourselves what it is that we want from that post. Don’t post just for the sake of posting.
  • Be relatable, your brand & your social media persona need to align with your core values and personality. Ask yourself what it is that you’re trying to communicate with a potential customer.
  • Three Questions to get more focused
    • Who Are You Talking To?
    • What is their pain or pleasure point?
    • What solution do you have to cure that pain point or to provide that pleasure?
  • The reason why these are important is because once you can identify who it is that you're talking to then then you can begin to build out or figure out how you want to build a relationship with them and you build that relationship with them through your content.
  • Components To a Content Creating Strategy
    • Prioritize what is your bread-and-butter message.
    • Whatever your bread-and-butter message is going to be, that's what you begin to build your content around.
    • Clarify your message Clarity is the key
    • Brand Promise is who you help and what you help them do
  • How Do You Stay Consistent?
    • Create at your own pace and commit to that. in order to be consistent don't overthink.
    • if you're already creating the content once, figure out how you can multiply that thing over and over and over again and that's going to help you to be consistent.
  • Do the Research
  • Research on the demographics of these platforms (social media) that are going where the people that you want to talk to are.
  • Quantity Over Quality.
  • Look At Your Analytics and things along those lines see what's hitting & what’s not hitting.
  • Curate content but we don't recommend you doing it so often that you lose who you are in it.
  • Social Media is not real life 



Key Moments

[00:27] Intro
[03:55] P.O.P what's going on
[04:14] Introduction – Who is P.O.P?
[05:00] The Biggest Content Creating Mistake
[06:55] What Did You End Up Creating as You Are Laser Focused
[7:00] Tips From P.O.P The 9-5 creator about content building
[09:43] Intimidated by This Idea of Content
[11:30] Three Questions
[18:43] Holistic Strategy
[24:25] Faith and Funnels
[25:42] How Do You Stay Consistent?
[30:08] Did You Know (Sinclair’s new segment)
[39:21] Curating Content
[41:20] Ask De’Clair – P.O.P Asks our favorite couple about their health journey
[45:00] Social Media
[47:07] Your Health is Important
[49:01] Milk Method Strategy
[50:00] Training, Courses and Boot Camps offered by POP
[57:21] Outro


“When you are posting ask yourself. What do I want from this post?” – @iam_P.O.P

“What are you trying to communicate with your potential customer” – @iam_P.O.P

“What we have to realize is that content is simply the vehicle by which you communicate your message. You communicate your service and the solution that you have to somebody's problem. You're the creative engine, the content needs you!” – @iam_P.O.P

“If you're talking to everybody then you're talking to nobody” – @iam_P.O.P

“Create at your own pace” – @iam_P.O.P

“If you feel yourself kind of getting bogged down by social media, disconnect.” – @iam_P.O.P

Resources Mentioned
True Health 4ever @truehealth4ever
Play Black Wall Street @playblackwallst
Marcus Y Rosier
Milk Method Strategy by POP @iam_pop
Play Black Wall Street the Board Game playblackwallstreet.com
Essence Magazine https://www.essence.com/

For Coaching Reach Us at:
Health Coaching @theeehealthnerd
Business Coaching @investindevonwalker

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