Ep. 105 The Oscars and Will Smith Slap

Everyone is talking about the Will Smith slap but are there lessons we can take from the event? What lessons did you take for the Will Smith slap and how the world reacted? Let's talk about it.

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0:25 Intro
1:46 Did You Know
6:03 Oscars Recap What Happened?
9:53 What Harm or Injury Was He Keeping Her From?
10:28 What Does Protection Look Like for You?
11:23 How does Sinclair feel protected with De’Von?
18:23 How Do You Respond When Life Slaps You In The Face?
26:18 Put in the work
27:29 What if people are used to failure?
28:59 What if the slap is the blessing?
38:43 Ask De’Clair
39:08 What do you do to protect yourself
50:43 Think About How Do You Protect Yourselves
57:48 Updates
1:00:42 Outro


  • Did You Know that avoiding tv phones and laptop screens two hours before you are going to go to bed before bedtime can help you go to fall asleep faster? a study that was done with adolescents found that a reduction in the screen time after 9 pm correlated with earlier onset sleep time.
    • Blue light from your screen limits your body’s melatonin production at night.
  • Protecting means: keeping someone away from harm or injury. It's preventative right you do this before something happens.
  • Make your partner feel safe with you even in the littlest gestures you do.
  • How do you react or respond when life slaps you in the face?
  • Coming from being successful in a nine-to-five job and then jumping into a completely new industry is one of the most humbling things that you can ever do
  • Advice for an entrepreneur: In entrepreneurship is a totally different game whereas your results come back is tantamount to the amount of effort you've put in.
  • 9-5 jobs have a different reality than entrepreneurship
  • The universe is keeping tabs
    • You put in the work, especially in the world of entrepreneurship you put in the work you just must hold faith that the universe is keeping tabs on all the work you put in and it will pay off eventually. When most people are unsuccessful in the world of entrepreneurship they just stop before the returns come through. They stopped before the universe is like wait hey, we know you put out all this work we got all these blessings that are about to come for you just got to wait out you got to hold on for another couple of months you just got to wait out another year and then all these blessings are going to come to you.
  • What If People Are Used to Failure? then they feel the success and that success makes them uncomfortable?
  • Ask De’Clair – What do you do to protect yourself?
    • Don’t get too excited: the same level of excitement is the same level of disappointment.
    • You can protect yourself through humor.
  • Think About How Do You Protect Yourselves



“What if the slap is the blessing” – De’Von Truvel

“Accept those blessings because they may come disguised as something else, you don't know it's a blessing yet” – De’Von Truvel

“In order to be yourself, you have to have that basic need of feeling safe at that moment.” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“At the end of the day our mind, bodies, souls, everything is wired for comfort.” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd


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