Ep. 104 How to Rebrand Your Podcast or Business

We are rebranding our podcast and want to take you on the journey with us. Whether you are one of our small but mighty audience members or you are a fellow podcaster looking to grow welcome to the show. We were searching for How to Rebrand your podcast and found some good stuff but none that really go through the why.

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00:00 - 0:50 Intro
2:01 Did You Know
5:37 Our Journey
7:18 What Triggered the Rebrand
14:03 What stops people from making that rebrand?
15:01 I’d Rather
18:54 The Law of Extension
25:09 Manifestations and Prayers
26:49 Dynasty
28:44 What’s your evidence of legacy?
32:28 Steps in Rebranding your Podcast
44:41 M4 Show Podcast
47:47 Updates: Queen to Queen 90 Day Weight Loss Formula
51:08 Outro


  • Did You Know: eating a high-protein breakfast can help you burn more fat throughout the day. A study was done that took two groups of women and put them on a weight loss plan. They ate the same number of calories but one group ate a larger amount of protein and the same number of calories a larger amount of protein both groups lost weight but what they found is that the group with a higher amount of protein actually lost more body fat.
  • The milestone of hitting 100 episodes was definitely a pivotal point for us to stop and look at how we are doing and re-evaluate what is our goal for this podcast with our audience in this podcast. Are we meeting their needs?
  • Sometimes rebranding is needed. In order to be more connected with the true core of the service, you are trying to build and share.
  • What is a brand?
    • the perceived personification or embodiment of your company's mission vision values products and services.
  • What stops people from making that change?
    • The thought of “I put in all this work and I don't want it to go to waste” or “you've come so far” and it's the thought that it's going to go to waste if you did it where it's moving.
  • The Law of Extension instead of making something again with your current brand that's established. Don't mess with the validity, don't mess with the reputation of your established brand, instead create a different brand that can have a stronger identity.
  • Rebranding allows you to be more intentional about your core audience.
  • Dynasty: relates to a succession of people from the same family who play a prominent role in business politics or another field.
  • Be Dynastic 
  • Ask De’Clair: What will be the evidence of your dynasty?
    • It can be your children. It can be books you have written about businesses that you have created and hopefully, you've left some type of standard operating procedure as a manual for your kids to be able to operate the business in your absence.
  • Steps in rebranding the Podcast
    • Assess your current desired perception vs the customer’s perception. Ask yourself “this is what we want to do but does that match up with what the customer wants?”
    • Re-evaluate the brand goals and the audience. “Who do I really want to impact with the show?”
    • Create a new brand name and image.
    • Secure your new social media handles or convert your social media handles.
    • Make sure that you've got all of your steps outlined after the rebrand and you're consistent.
    • Stay in your new identity.
  • It's going to feel uncomfortable at first whether you start new stuff from zero or you convert things and maybe you don't get the reaction that you thought you would get or you don't get the reaction and likes that you were getting before.


“When you are expanding your business, don't mess with the validity or reputation of your established brand. Instead create a different brand that can have a stronger identity.” – De’Von Truvel

“I will be very honest with you if it's not right. I don't want to just take your money I want to make sure that I can help you.” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“I’m trying to be dynastic, to leave a legacy. I’m trying to leave a succession of people that have an impact on a particular field or community.” – De’Von Truvel

“It's going to feel uncomfortable at first.” – De’Von Truvel


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