Ep. 103 What's Your Everything?

What's your everything? If you could spend your time and energy doing anything in the world what would it be? Have you considered launching your own brand? Whether is a fashion brand or a lifestyle brand we want to introduce you to someone who is building a brand to inspire creativity and entrepreneurship.

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00:00 - 0:50 Intro
2:20 Did You Know
4:17 What Is Your Everything
6:38 The Founder Creator of The Everything Brand
11:18 What Brought You to Fashion
14:04 How Did You Launch That First Product
28:14 What Is Your Everything
35:40 Ask De’Clair
46:40 The Everything Brand Mission
58:55 Updates
1:02:17 Outro


  • Did You Know: Having an accountability partner, especially for fitness weight loss health-related goals, can increase your likelihood of success by 95%
  • Accountability Groups, tap into our innate desire to be accepted by those around us. Back before modern technology when we live in tribes, we had to be accepted by those around us because that's how we survived.
  • Go find yourself an accountability partner or an accountability group/community so that you can hold yourself accountable. These groups are great for voicing what you want to happen and then having other people around you say “but did you get it done?”
  • Example of an Accountability Group:
    • Weight Loss Accountability Partner: Queen to Queen
    • Financial Accountability Partner: Paly Black Wall Street
    • Holistic Health Accountability Partner: True Health 4ever
  • Have a creative outlet that you could monetize and continue to grow over time.
  • Abdulalim wants to create a platform for people to pursue their everything
  • At the end of the day everything's down to a conversation. the biggest business deals, the biggest negotiations they're all people talking to each other.
  • Ask De’Clair: What's your individual “everything”?
    • Movies, Books, writing, storytelling, sharing information, black history.
    • De’Von shares that his “everything” is his knowledge of himself, his ancestors, and his background. He enjoys learning about the DNA that’s in him as an African-American
    • Sinclair shares that her “everything” is health and wellness, and travel. Sinclair aims to contribute to helping out the African American diaspora in terms of holistic health, she aims to individualize specialized treatments and health approaches for the African-American diaspora since most of the time we are left out in terms of health research and other holistic healing conversations and practices. she aims to make sure that we as a community are taking a proactive approach to health because you know we have a little bit of catching up to do
  • Abdulalim wants to tell the world what everything is, through fashion through storytelling, and through technology.



“If we know that this is part of our instinctual nature why not use that to our benefit go find you an accountability partner an accountability group a community” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“I’m your everything” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“Transitioning to being a full time entrepreneur is not easy when you haven't seen anybody make that transition” – Abdulalim A'Omer

“Maintaining perspective about the opportunities that we have. To have a big hand in changing things for the better.” – Abdulalim A'Omer

“What’s your everything?” – Abdulalim A'Omer

“At the end of the day this life is a test, I’m not gonna be able to take anything in this life with me, apart from what I’ve done with my actions.” – Abdulalim A'Omer


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Guest Resources: Abdulalim Jemal

Instagram @abdulalimjemal
Website https://everythingthebrand.com/

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