Ep. 101 Marketing Your Business on Social Media

If you are interested in starting your own business or if you are having trouble creating content this episode is for you! We will break down how to build a business and market your business on social media with the Founder of Meek University, Tomika Young.

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Key moments

00:00 - 00:24 Intro
01:51 Did You Know
04:20 About Meek
07:01 Leaving the 9 to 5 job to pursue entrepreneurship
13:09 Teaching Other People Financial Literacy
15:20 Strategy of Starting A Business
20:07 Best food spots in Houston
22:20 Ask De’Clair
24:09 Habit Stacking
32:47 What Made TH4 Guys Start a Podcast
34:34 Play Black Wall Street The Board Game
37:28 Some Social Media Tips in Starting a Business
42:15 Meek’s Starbuck raffle gone wrong
43:47 Meek University
47:23 How To Buy A Building Even After Write-Offs
55:57 Updates and Outro


Top Takeaways


  • Did You Know: Drinking a glass of water with lemon as one of the first things you do in the morning can help put your gut into the right Ph.
    • Drinking a glass of water with lemon is your body’s inner bath.
    • Put your body in the right environment
    • Make sure you're being intentional about what content you're consuming.
  • Question of the day: Why Is Business Ownership Important?
  • Meek started her entrepreneurship journey through dropshipping and Shopify.
  • Having the right mindset plays a big role in the person and brand that you are trying to become.Start investing in classes in order to start changing your mindset
  • Study your niche before starting the actual business.
  • Find a way to multiply your knowledge inside the business.
  • Expose your kids to the right entrepreneurial mindset.
    • People Buy People First. They Buy Products Second. you may have a really amazing product but if no one knows you or know about your Lifestyle then they may not purchase from you
    • Be consistent & Be transparent
    • Be very relatable by posting shareable content that people can share with other people.
    • Show up on social media and be consistent. building that community interacting with people, not just expecting people to come over to your page.
  • Always practice habit stacking. Tiny habits that give out the progressive impact over time which will allow you to stick more to the lifestyle and goal you’re trying to build without you feeling burdened in doing so.
    • How can we start our health journey together as we're building out our family?
  • Social Media Tips for Businesses to increase followings
    • Post Reels
    • Post Carousels
    • Stay away from posting flyers with information because people don't read anyway.
    • Post whatever is trending in social media
    • Always be visible on social media
    • Engage with your audience via social media
    • Engage through the comment section
  • Meek University can help you and teach you how to build your business credit
  • How To Buy A Building Even After Write-Offs: You need to make sure that even after write-offs there's still profit that will let you be able to afford that building or structure.


“Not having a 9-5 I have been able to completely create my own lane.” – Meek

“The mindset that I have today. I did not have that five years ago.” – Meek

“It is my duty to put my people in a position to get this knowledge.” – Meek

“For whatever habit you're trying to make a lifestyle, always practice habit stacking.” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“Show up on your slowest brokest, maddest, saddest day. show up.” – Meek


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Books Mentioned:

Atomic Habits by James Clear

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