Ep. 100 How to Start a Podcast

If you are interested in starting a podcast this is the episode for you. We started a podcast over 2 years ago and have learned some great lessons along the way.

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Top Takeaways

  • Did You Know
    • Getting out and having fun and exploring can keep you healthy by keeping your hormones balanced
  • Podcasting:
  • if you have a certain message a certain story whether it's the trauma you've been through or healing that you want to share with the community, starting a podcast or starting a blog is a great way to do it. You can use YouTube, Spotify, or apple music. You can turn your vlogs into your podcasts and turn the podcast into blogs (written web content) and other web contents like images and social media posts.
  • If you’re not comfortable with being on cam then an audio podcast will work smoothly for you.
  • How can you evolve as an introvert through podcasting?
    • Make sure that you do an outline of the episode.
    • Use streaming tools like Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube
    • Have a layer of content
    • Be consistent in scheduling content every day of the week (audio, video episodes, website blogs, social media images, show notes, reels, and snippets)
    • Have a system for guest outreach and segments.
    • Be organized and delegate tasks within the team.
  • Seven Steps for Launching a Podcast
    • Define the problem that your podcast or that your business is addressing.
    • For TH4 it is the lack of knowledge or education on how to live a holistically healthy life as a black American.
    • What makes you unique in addressing that problem or unique in the market.
    • Find your niche: If you're talking to everybody, you're talking to nobody because everybody has different lives and different perspectives, there's no way you can talk to everybody. You need to have one focus where you can make your audience feel special and provide them individuality within a focused community.
    • Would you rather drink all the water in the ocean or drink one glass of water? As entrepreneurs, we need to find one glass of water that we can drink that could quench our thirst.
    • What is your product? How do those first three things combine the problem, your uniqueness, your talent, your spirit, your gifts and the audience?
    • Find your MVP. Minimum Viable Product: how can you make it as real as possible with the least amount of effort product money with just a bare minimum. How can you make the product as real as possible so that you can test it out before fully committing to it? The idea is that if it doesn't work out in that form you did not waste a whole bunch of time and money.
    • Be sure to check out Launch It. out now on amazon (Launch It!: 7 Steps to Launch Your Business)
      • https://www.launchitcommunity.com/
  • What is your business model? How is your podcast making revenue? Who are your customers? Who is paying?
  • What is the brand or the Company name?

Key moments

00:00 - 00:27 Intro
01:49 Did You Know
03:33 TH4 As Melanated Folks
05:38 Podcasting for TH4 Journey and learnings
11:40 Evolving through podcasting (introvert-wise)
15:21 TH4 Rough Start in Podcasting (Santa Barbara experience)
23:25 De’Von’s Podcast Learning and Growth
25:40 Seven Steps for Launching a Podcast
26:53 What problem does TH4 address?
32:16 Your Ocean and your Quality Water
38:27 MVP: Minimum Viable Product
53:00 Ask DeClair
1:00:00 Outro


“If you have a certain message that you want to get out there and you're trying to reach more people doing it through a podcast is a beautiful way to go.” – De’Von Truvel

“Health from a black lens it hits different” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“As a couple, we're able to push each other and help build one another as individuals.” – De’Von Truvel

“Would you rather drink all the water in the ocean or drink one glass of water?” – De’Von Truvel


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