My 2018 Promises

written by: De'Von Walker a Black Lifestyle blogger


My name is De’Von T. Walker and below are the promises I am making to De’Von T. Walker for 2018 to help live his best life.This year I am choosing to ditch the New Year's resolutions model and make promises to myself. A promise is a personal declaration that one will do a particular thing or that a particular thing will happen. Promises kept increase self efficacy, self esteem, and self image. I will hold myself accountable for keeping these promises.

I promise to produce 7 micro films based on John Legend Songs.

I have always loved movies; I find bending reality and creating stories that reveal the truths about society interesting to say the least. Fun fact I own over 623 movies, yes I have a problem. My long term goal is to produce a full production movie. To prepare and gain experience towards my long term goal this year I promise to make 7 micro films based on John Legend Songs. Using John Legend songs will provide me with an established point of view and story line, allowing me to focus on building my production skills. Plus my fiance loves John Legend.

I promise to be able to run a 7 minute mile.

Growing up I ran track, played varsity football, and varsity volleyball. Needless to say after high school and college I have been less active and have lost a little pep in my step. This year I want to work on getting some of that back. I ran a comfortable mile last month in under 11 minutes , looks like I have a long way to go. I promise to be able to run a consistent 7 minute mile this year.

I promise to read 5 books that will help with my long term goals.

Reading puts me to sleep. Growing up in school I hated to read and honestly relied heavily on spark notes and friends. This year I have done a lot a learning through YouTube and ironically enough a lot of the to influencers on YouTube claim that reading is an important part of success. The social activist Dick Gregory, Rest in Power, also preached that information is power. My fiance will tell you, I have some pretty lofty goals. This year I promise to read 5 books that will help me achieve my long term goals.
  1. Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice - Dennis Kimbro and Napoleon Hill
  2. How to Build a New Black Wall Street - Kyle Davis


This is my first year getting serious about my New Year’s resolutions. This is also the first time I am trying this new promise format as suppose to setting goals. I am feeling very optimistic about this year and the promises I have made to myself. This blog also will keep me accountable and motivate me to keep growing, developing, and creating content. If you haven’t already, make your promises for this year. Be sure to plan out and visualize what you want to accomplish. Let’s go get it! See Sinclair Wilson's Promises here

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