Claiming Financial Freedom | The M4 Show Ep. 116

This year is the first Federally Recognized Juneteenth holiday celebrating the late notice of freedom to enslaved Africans in Texas. What does Juneteenth represent today? To us Juneteenth represents Financial Freedom and we want to help you gain yours.

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0:06 Intro
2:46 Did You Know
9:15 De’Von’s representation of Juneteenth
10:35 Pay for Privilege
11:37 The three steps to achieving financial
18:25 Determine your income streams
23:44 Real Estate
40:40 Find A Community
44:49 Be willing to pay to gain access
50:00 Ask De’Clair
54:46 Focus and Having Too Many Brilliant Ideas
59:09 Recap
1:00:15 Updates
1:04:10 Outro



  • Did You Know that adding just a pinch of some natural salt to your water can help you stay more hydrated? add a little pinch of that to your water and that can help your body absorb the water and the nutrients that you get from water.
  • If you've ever had the experience where you're drinking a lot of water, you're peeing a lot but you still feel a little your skin's a little dry you don't feel like your body's absorbing that water adding a little pinch of natural salt can make the biggest difference.
  • Juneteenth is about how do we break that cycle it's about how do we invest in real estate start businesses and stocks partner together and use cooperative economics like how can we break the cycle to where we don't have to do physical labor and exchange our time for money and privilege directly
  • The three steps to achieving financial
    • Defining what that means to you so what does financial freedom mean to you?
    • just dream, write whatever you want in the future ten years from now. know what you want in your future. For example, what type of house do you want, how much does that cost how much is the mortgage on that house and you can have that be the base for your mortgage payment 10 years from now?
    • Determine your income streams:
    • Passive income comes from sources besides an employer or contractor. Passive income can come from rental property or a business in which one does not actively engage, such as book royalties or stock dividends. We can be anywhere in the world people can still order black wall street the board game and it will ship out to them that at this point it is now a passive stream of income. passive is also important when you think about retirement and longevity.
    • Active income is pay earned from specific duties or services during a designated time frame. Active income includes company salary, tips, fees, commissions, and allowances.
  • Execute The Plan:
    • Figure out what's the habit that will help create revenue.


“It’s like we're living in almost a cycle ,you need to do certain actions  like work and go to school to get certain privileges like eat and have stable housing” – De’Von Truvel

“You’ve got to get comfortable being uncomfortable because that's really what unlocks the door for the passive income” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd


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