All Black National Convention 2021| Ep. 83

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  • The fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree. Kids exposed at a young age towards an entrepreneurial mindset tend to be one step ahead of those who aren’t. This will help them be one step forward in achieving generational wealth and creativity. 
  •  Help your kids think of great ideas that they can put out there into the universe into the or even in the classroom.
  • Always dare to dream! Take action for your dreams!
  • Create way to address the matter of what does it take for young ones to harness the power of creativity in almost all practical fields of life. Such as the general creativity and the entrepreneurial creativity? Help your young one’s dream and influence them in the right way.
  • Share your visions with your kids. 
  • When you really have that that vision, you're like, this is where I’m going and this is the route, I’m taking to get there you know that route doesn't work I have the foresight. I have the vision to be able to see oh there's another route this way.
  • Dreaming without the vision is useless. 
  • Conferences are important in order to build networks: Branches of people you know who can help you out in the near future. Find people who can become your connection, people who share the same vision as you. 
  • Put your best foot forward every single time. Opportunities might knock on your door anytime of the day. 
  • Be confident and know you value. 



Key moments

00:01 Intro 

02:55 We've been talking all day- De'Von begins the talk about the event. The All-Black National Convention

03:55 Hosting the Children's Breakout Session

05:40 These Kids Are in That Mindset

07:06 What if you knew?

07:33 That's why I’m here: The 8-year-old baby

8:29 Young minds old soul. "I've been here for centuries"

13:53 The vision

15:22 I was able to like give them solutions: Devon shares his mentorship experience with his clients and how he was able to help them finds solutions.

21:28 Networking: Sinclair dives deep on the magic of creating connections 

27:05 Put your best foot forward 

29:40 What's the difference between confidence and being cocky?

32:25 Story Time: More stories shred by our favorite couple about how there week went down. 

38:56 We have a couple free sessions left: Free sessions left until mid- November from Sinclair theee Health Nerd of the TH4 family. 

39:45 The Hiccups and Struggles along the way:  Preparing for the Conference 

43:23 Outro



    “If you knew there was a hundred percent chance of being successful, what business would you want to start?” – De'Von Truvel

    “I want our future kids to dream without barriers and be able to follow that dream up with the vision and strategic plan” – De'Von Truvel

    “Vision is the step you take when are trying to make your dream come true.” – Sinclair theee health nerd

    “Put your best foot forward every single time” – De'Von Truvel

    “I’ve grown to where a stranger can perceive me as overconfident; I feel like that means that I’m getting more and more comfortable with my gifts and with my talent.” – De'Von Truvel

    Resources Mentioned

     The All-Black National Convention 

    The UC Davis Black Excellent Symposium 

    Play Black Wall Street the Board Game -

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