4 Pathways to Wealth | The M4 Show Ep. 110

If your family is looking to build wealth there are 4 primary pathways. Should you choose 1 or all 4? Whether it's starting a business or investing in real estate, your family needs to have a set strategy to build and pass down your wealth.

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4 Pathways to Building Wealth | Ep. 110 The M4 Show


1:47 Intro

3:03 Did You Know (Improving your metabolism and metabolic health)

10:09 Entrepreneurship

16:52 Getting started

17:35 Knowing your resources

20:11 Real Estate

27:21 Different ways to invest in real estate

30:16 Investment

34:38 Cryptocurrency

38:32 Long-term index funds

41:43 Copyright

44:38 Patent

51:20 Capital as the biggest obstacle

53:08 Wrap up

54:48 Diverse Investment

1:04:06 Outro


  • Did You Know that simply by changing the order that you eat your food on your plate you can not only lose weight but improve your overall metabolism and metabolic health the reason is that when you eat when you're eating, especially carbohydrates it does happen with proteins and fats to a much lesser degree but especially when you're eating carbohydrates your body breaks that down into glucose sugar and that enters your bloodstream it spikes your blood sugar and what we want to avoid is really high speed uh peaks spikes in your blood sugar that are fall that is followed by really low valleys right so you get that like hyper energy you feel really energized but then you crash afterward.
  • One Of The Most Effective Ways To Flatten Those Glucose Spikes is to eat your veggies first, then follow it up with your protein and fats.  save your carbohydrates that are going to quickly turn into glucose and spike your blood sugar last.
  • It’s not always about changing what you eat but just changing the order you're eating can make a very big difference.
  • Wealth For Your Family What Do You Consider Entrepreneurship?

"Entrepreneurs are folks that solve problems and create their own opportunities."

    • Sometimes we know we have limited resources but we want quick results as if we have infinite resources.
    • Two Kinds of Swords: one is the limited resources and also the limited patience in the results.
    • Real Estate is a wealth-building strategy we can make sure that our kids our grandkids our great-great grandkids can benefit from this real estate.
  • How to make money from Real Estate? 
  • Multiple Single-Family Homes you get folks in those homes and renting and you get that income. 

    Invest In Multi-Properties Multi-Family Properties. 

    Two to four units: is considered a multi-family so you can get a building with two apartments in it you rent out both you can even live in one this is a real estate hack that a lot of real estate inventors start out with and are able to kind of the catapult their portfolio is to live in one and have the other pay the mortgage for both units so you're basically living rent-free.

    • Cryptocurrency and NFT:  it's another way to invest in a coin or a digital asset
    • The best way to make yourself recession-proof is to have a diverse investment portfolio


    “The biggest pitfall is not getting started” – De’Von Truvel 

    “Real Estate is a wealth-building strategy. One of the easiest that can be passed on to future generations if you do it correctly” – De’Von Truvel 


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