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Writing down your goals alone will increase the chances of you accomplishing your goals. Do it, it's free! Are you ready to take your goals to the next level? Under Construction is about helping you be intentional around setting and achieving your goals. Under Construction Worksheet available on our website. Join Sinclair Theee Health Nerd and De'Von Truvel creator of Black Wall Street the Board Game as they talk about their goals for the year and how they plan to achieve them.



  • Find your purpose 
  • Integrate habits little by little until you can progress into bigger habits that will impact your approach to achieving your goals. 
  • Commit to the process and integrate: small steps lead to bigger progress.
  • Practice Habit Stacking: The principle behind habit stacking is straightforward: by "stacking" a new behavior on top of an existing one, you can incorporate it into your daily routine. If you develop a significant amount of these habits, you will unconsciously contribute substantial amounts of physical exercise and other activities to your routine.
  • Find yourself an accountability group
  • Take the love language assessment test 
  • Know your love language 
  • Set measurable & attainable goals. 
  • Ask yourself: what is your number one goal. if you can guarantee you could accomplish one thing or one project, what would it be?
  • Be specific about what you are trying to achieve 
  • Assess what friends or associates can help you achieve these goals?
  • Determine what tools, apps or knowledge do you need?
  • Devon’s take towards failure: I don't see failure as an option now is it possible you won't reach this exact goal it's possible but, in my head, when I do these things, something's going to happen it may be something better than what I initially said or wanted.
  • Be consistent, the key is consistency and dedication. 
  • SET YOUR DAILY HABIT: what's something that you can do or you can commit to doing every single day for five to thirty minutes nothing too crazy. 
  • SET YOUR WEEKLY HABIT: this is something that you sit down and you do once a week that takes 30 to 60 minutes
  • SET YOUR MONTHLY HABIT: this is something that takes you one to two hours and you sit down and you schedule out and you do one time per month.
  • Write down your habits and sort them out. psychologically there's power in writing things down.
  • Set your intentions, your purpose for what you want to do.


4 Steps to A Better Goal Setting Approach For 2022

  1. Self-Assessment is the under-construction journey that you're going to be making when you are constructing the home, the castle of your future life, the life that you're trying to manifest is under construction.
  2. Sourcing your materials and finding your team.
  3. Build your habits 
  4. After repair value.


01:02 Intro 

02:18 Did You Know

03:05 Are You Ready for Some Podcast

05:02 Frequencies and Energy

08:52 Habit Stacking

21:14 Love Language

26:00 DeClair Goals & Affirmations  

33:28 I don't see failure as an option

34:12 Setting your Habits (Daily, Weekly & Monthly) 


    Did you know?

    Leading a purpose-driven life can help you be happier? Studies show that folks who have to live an intentional and purpose-driven life, whatever that purpose may be: whether it's having to deal with their full-time job, raising their family or trying to end world hunger, etc. Finding whatever that purpose is and defining that purpose can help you live a happier life.


    “I don't see failure as an option” – De’Von Truvel 

    “What's something that you can do or commit to doing every single day, even for just 5 mins, that will help you achieve your dreams?” – TH4  

    “There's Power in Writing Things Down” – De’Von Truvel

    “Habits: have fun with it but take it seriously because this is as powerful as you make it” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd 

    “You'd be surprised what can happen when you really set your intentions & purpose for what you want” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd 


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    Black History Adventures of Rose and Rodney: Greenwood and Tulsa's Black Wall Street Kindle Edition https://www.amazon.com/Black-History-Adventures-Rose-Rodney/dp/1736842722

    Under Construction Booklet – www.truehealth4ever.com

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