15 Habits of Black Millionaires | The M4 Show Live Ep. 115

We are on a mission to increase the number of Black Millionaires but how do we do that? Habits are a good place to start. What are the habits of Black Millionaires and what can we learn from them?

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0:24 Intro
2:51 Did You Know
8:03 If Someone’s a Millionaire: 15 habits of black millionaires
11:51 The Hustle Culture
23:50 Budgeting exercise
38:44 Income Streams
42:00 Exercise
48:40 Meditation
57:47 Separate from The Herd
1:15:20 Updates
1:18:54 Outro


Did You Know that getting 15 minutes of sunshine in the morning can help regulate your hormone?
If you're wondering at folks what separates you and that person, they just probably have a better routine than yours.
Just putting in more time does not mean more productivity. Be sure to get a good night’s rest and go get your quality sleep to make sure you’re ready for the day.

What are the Habits of Black Millionaires?
Helps Others Be Successful: if someone's a millionaire they have a lot of value and how one acquires value typically is by making themselves valuable to other people.

Meditate: When you take time out to think it's really just having focused time and that's basically what meditation is it's just taking that intentional time to go within and think and focus on whatever goal it is you’re trying to achieve.
Separate & Unique from The Herd: We're naturally social beings, we were made to interact with each other. we are meant to survive in groups. we had to go out and hunt for our food and social media is so thriving right now because we have that innate desire to be accepted by those around us. After all, again that was that meant survival at some point in our human history.

So, if you can sometimes go against our nature go against the natural psychology and momentum that's where you add the most value

Being able to separate yourself from the herd and be uniquely you. Don't try to fit in. Don't try to fit the mold of something be the person that you are and that is what's going to attract people and bring value into your life.

Sleep Less Work More: in comparison to poor people or folks that have a lower socioeconomic status, they are sleeping less and working more.

Never Stop Learning: being a lifetime learner is important for anybody but especially if you do have those aspirations of becoming a millionaire Sharpen your skills by earning something new.

Prioritize Relationships and Communication with Mentors: Mentors are people that are where you want to be already, they are maybe 10 years old or five years old they can be one year older right you're basically able to see the future almost.

Personal Development: Whatever learning and personal development look like for you it can come and look in so many different forms.

Track Spending Habits: if you're nervous to write down your budget if you're nervous to keep track of your spending it's probably a sign that you need to keep track of your spending.
Write To-Do List: subconsciously or you know consciously your brain is worried to forget something. Use whatever method you’re comfortable with ex: sticky notes whiteboard asana text to yourself apple notes just get in the habit of writing those down.

Don’t Watch TV: If you've got a lot of things to do you're not typically spending time doing something that's not going to bring you more value or more money

Have Three Streams of Income The market is going to change, everything's going to change nothing stays the same forever. If you have a diverse portfolio of income then you should be okay and at least become a recession-proof individual.

In Tip-Top Shape (Exercise): Probably most folks who have gotten to the point where they can acquire a million dollars understand that your body is your vehicle to success. Sometimes we take health for granted until something happens and then we realize that when we don't feel good when we're not healthy nothing else really matters

Do Charity and Community Work (Volunteering)
Volunteering is an action as a way to put that energy back into the universe and say “thank you” so that you can continue to not only give back but continue to hopefully receive those blessings as well.


“Multitasking is not a thing. Your brain cannot focus on more than one thing” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd

“Volunteering is an action as a way to put that energy back into the universe and say thank you.” – Sinclair Theee Health Nerd


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